NCAA Logos Tournament – Elite 8

NCAA Logos Tournament – Elite 8

We’ve reach the Elite 8 of the NCAA Logos Tournament. I think we’re finally to the point where the weaker logos are out and we’re down to the good stuff. Of the 8 remaining logos, 6 are the schools’ letter(s), as is common with college logos. Here are the Sweet 16 results. Going by our Sweet 16, I would have chosen the exact same Elite 8. Going from the original bracket, the only differences are I would have put Texas and South Dakota St. (I love that little rabbit) in place of West Virginia and Notre Dame.

UPDATE: Saturday, Michigan St. and West Virginia advanced to the NCAA Logos Final Four. Michigan St. beat Virginia 65% to 35%, and West Virginia beat Kansas St. 59% to 41%. I voted for Kansas St., but it was a tough call. I still think Texas was the best in that region.

Sunday, Indiana and North Carolina joined Michigan St. and West Virginia in the NCAA Logos Final Four. Indiana beat Notre Dame 70% to 30%, and North Carolina beat San Diego St. 78% to 22%. I agree with both of those outcomes, though I would have had South Dakota St.’s jackrabbit in the Final Four out of the South.


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