NCAA Logos Tournament – Sweet 16

NCAA Logos Tournament – Sweet 16

We’ve reach the Sweet 16 of NCAA Logos (of the eligible 68). Previous results are here and in the bracket below. I’ve also added to the bracket how I would have filled out my bracket before the tournament where it’s different from how it’s played out.

There are four match-ups to vote on today, and like I’ve mentioned before – they’re based on our results, not the games. So they may look a little different than the match-ups you see on TV tonight. Vote and share, and check back tomorrow for the Elite 8 match-ups!

UPDATE: Thursday’s winners, all of which went how I voted, with one close match-up:

Friday’s winners, which also went how I voted:

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  1. JF Steele
    March 23rd, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Why does everyone like West Virginia’s logo so much?

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