NCAA Logos Tournament – National Championship

NCAA Logos Tournament – National Championship

We have reached the NCAA Logos National Championship. It’s down to Michigan St. and North Carolina. Two #1 seeds. I guess that mattered more here than in the real tournament. Vote below and check back tomorrow to find out who the NCAA Logo National Champion is!

UPDATE: Michigan St. is your NCAA Logo National Champion! The Spartans defeated North Carolina 78% to 22%. I definitely agree with our decision. The only difference I would have had from the start is they would have beaten Texas in the National Championship, and I think that would have been a tough call.

Thanks everyone for voting all month!

3 Responses to “NCAA Logos Tournament – National Championship”

  1. kurt
    June 8th, 2012 at 11:22 am

    first time visitor to the site.
    noticed that the michigan logo you used isn’t the current michigan logo. just sayin’.

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