The Wizards’ New Wardrobe

The Wizards’ New Wardrobe

Just as I launch a sports design blog and make a post about NBA logos involving basketballs, an NBA team unveils a new logo and uniform set – and the logo involves a basketball.

The Washington Wizards followed the growing updated-retro trend and released a new identity that nods to their old days as the Washington Bullets. The new identity loses the teal color scheme the Wizards switched to with the name change in the teal-loving 90s. The Wizards are back to what a team in Washington DC should be – red and blue. I’m not sad at all to see the W-man with a basketball go. It was one of my least favorite NBA logos.

DC-arm is sooooo much better than W-man


The jerseys are the best part. Everyone loves a well-done throwback jersey, and now the Wizards will be wearing them every night. I love the front, though I’m not sure about the back yet. I like that they continued the blue stripe around to the back and the red section over the top of the jersey. It’s something I’ll have to see in action to decide on, but I like it in theory. A nice little detail if you look closely – the tops of the “d” on the home jersey and the “h” on the road jersey are shaped like the Washington Monument.

Overall, a great redesign that rids the NBA of one of its bad logos. What do you think?

EDIT: It looks like they’re keeping W-man. Sad. But the new ball logo with the Washington Monument is pretty nice. The “W” that the top of the star forms is very clever. And I’ve now seen the shorts, and I really like them:

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  1. Chris
    May 10th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    I love the retro jerseys – they will certainly stand out in a league full of solid colors – but seems to me like they are trying to cram a little too much into this new mark. Washington Monument, hand & basketball, D.C., and a wizard? I suppose you have to cover all your bases if you’re the “Washington Wizards”…Biggest plus is definitely the switch back to red, white & blue. What were they thinking with blue, gold? Almost like a college logo with those colors.I would have to agree. A nice improvement!

  2. The Sports Design Blog
    May 10th, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    Addition at the end of the post now. Looks like they’re keeping W-man. :( But the new Washington Monument logo is nice, and the shorts look really good.

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