Uniform Concept – Florida Football

Uniform Concept – Florida Football

For the 2nd installment of my uniforms concepts on the Garb Athletics blog, I decided to finally design something not related to Georgia Tech. I did my previous designs (football and basketball) in an attempt to bring back elements of the past that I liked, replacing current uniforms I dislike. With this project, I wanted to find a team who I could start fresh with; a team whose uniforms I’ve never really liked. This led me to the Florida Gators.

You can read more about the process in my post on Garb Athletics’ Uni-Forum, but here’s the design – an attempt to do something new, while using elements of the Florida Gators brand, to create a “modern classic.” (click to see full size)

UPDATE: Since the Garb Athletics blog no longer exists, here’s the article:

My last football uniform concept was an attempt to bring back and update elements of the past from a set of uniforms that I missed (mostly due to terrible recent uniforms). I thought this time I’d look at a team whose uniform past I didn’t care for and give them an update.

This led me to the University of Florida. I’ve never cared for their uniforms, especially the helmet script (despite Every Day Should Be Saturday’s best attempts to defend it). Plus, who wouldn’t want to join in on some form of the Tebow-mania?

A team settling for their name written across a helmet is bad enough, but the script is just awful. It’s not intimidating, it’s not athletic, it’s not collegiate, and it doesn’t fit with the rest of Florida’s brand. I understand they’ve used it since 1979, but some traditions aren’t good ones.

As bad as the helmet is, I don’t think the rest of the uniform is much better. It may not be helped much by Florida’s colors, either. I love navy blue and a dark orange together (a la Auburn), but royal blue and bright orange don’t always make for the best uniforms. But it’s not the colors; it’s all the stripes. The arms each have 5 stripes, the legs each have 5, and the helmet has 3. That’s 23 stripes on every uniform. Plus 2 strokes on each number, making a minimum of 6 number strokes on every uniform. That’s a lot of lines.

A team with a history as impressive as Florida’s deserves a uniform as impressive. Really, most of the teams in their all-time class have classic uniforms — Alabama, USC, Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, etc. If Florida didn’t have the football success they’ve had, their uniforms could be confused with a Division II team. So my goal became to design the Gators a modern classic. These are being designed in 2012, and not based on historic Florida uniforms, so I decided not to go completely retro and make them fit in with the list above. Rather, I wanted to give Florida a new look that’s classic enough to last but modern enough to fit in with Florida’s current, unique brand.

To start the redesign, the helmet script obviously had to go. I thought there were two acceptable replacements — the “F” from Florida’s wordmark, which Nike used on Florida’s Pro Combat uniforms a couple of years ago, and Florida’s primary gator logo. The gator mark is a well-known part of the Florida brand and currently used on their uniforms as a chest patch and on the left side of the pants. The “F” is not as widely-used or known, so I chose the gator. I also liked the way it looked on a white helmet.

Because Florida’s colors are so bold and bright, I wanted to use them appropriately, rather than all over like they are now. I admire the way Texas uses their distinctive orange sparingly on their football uniforms (even more so on the white away uniforms) and lets the solid white helmet and pants keep the uniforms classy. I used that as inspiration here and included just the gator logo on the helmet and pants (on the left hip as they do now).

Click to see full size

For the jersey tops, I wanted to go simple since what they have now has more lines than Disney World. In addition to cleaning up the arm stripes and number strokes, I added in some elements that are distinctly “Florida.” The number font matches the wordmark and brings the modern element to the “modern classic” I’m going for, and the white shape on the collar holding the Florida “F” is reminiscent of a gator’s tooth, as seen in the logo.

In addition to the blue home and the white away uniforms, I included an orange alternate uniform since neither blue nor orange seems to be particularly primary for Florida. For all three, I chose to stick with solid white helmets and pants because the logo looks best on white, it downplays the use of Florida’s bright colors, and it gives the uniforms a classic look.

What do you think? Do you like Florida’s current uniforms? Are these an improvement?

9 Responses to “Uniform Concept – Florida Football”

  1. Justin
    February 28th, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    First thing’s first, I really like your angle here. The whole ‘modern classic’ vibe is exactly what I feel like the point of rebrands and redesigns ought to be. I liked your angle on GT as well.
    As far as critique, my only real complaint is the over-simplification of the helmet.

    If you’re gonna do a white UF helmet, I think you’ve gotta go with a variation of th ‘F’ logo.
    In addition, I think a stripe that alternates off the jersey color would fit well; or perhaps two diminished stripes to pull off a less obvious accent.

    I also have an idea for the away kit that I think would look great. Take the stormtrooper look you have, and make the numbers white, with a blue b/g. Make the belt blue. Add the classic ‘Gators’ wordmark over the numbers, fade the color on it and diminish it to around an inch and 1/2.
    I’d do all this myself and submit it to you, but I don’t even know where to start this stuff that’s not on paper.

  2. Justin
    February 28th, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    Not b/g there. I meant outline

  3. Tom
    August 9th, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    FIRST OF ALL, the font for the numbers id HORRIBLE.
    Secondly … Here’s how it SHOULD’VE been done:
    1) Blue jerseys with white numbers, THICK orange outlined. Thick white neck sleeve edges. And the blue jerseys should be with blue pants.
    2) White jerseys with blue numbers, THICK orange outlined numbers. Thick blue lined neck and sleeve edges.
    3) Orange jerseys with white numbers, THICK blue outlined. Thick white lined neck and sleeves.
    4) Number color should ALWAYS be the jersey accent color.
    5) Finally, the ONLY way you can out the Jurassic Gator on the helmet is if the helmet is ORANGE and the orange ring around it is gone, and you just have a THICK white outline around the Gator.
    60 When you get THAT e mail me. Timbow15@live.com

  4. Charles
    December 7th, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    The concept is thought out, but the application is crap and comes from some one who doesn’t know Florida Football.

    I appreciate the effort though.

    There is no way UF will ever put that Gator logo on the helmet, just makes it look even more D-II than the script does. The logo is good as is, sparingly, and identifiable. Nike had the only acceptable white helmet for UF. And really the sun-kist orange helmet will be the tradition that outlasts the Gator Script. In fact look for that to change soon, the script.

    When Florida does update it’s uniform look, you will see the introduction of an alternate helmet(s), with either the Universities new sharp script replacing the curved script. The other helmet logo option is the F representing Florida, as it is something the University is pushing towards.

    The jersey top will retain some inclusion of the base University colors of Orange (sun-kist), Blue (Royal), an white. Most likely similar to how Oregon (ala 2012) has put wings on their tops, Florida will introduce scales, like the basketball team. Not all over, but noticeable. They will still use Blue tops, white tops, and Orange alternates. Highly unlikely you’ll see a black top except it be some form of a pro combat.

    The pants will go down the Oregon path (ala 2012) as well, mostly base with venting. The venting however will likely be scales using the secondary colors. So Blue pants would likely have scale venting that is either Orange with white highlighting, White pants – Blue scales, Orange highlighting, Orange pants – Blue Scales, White Highlighting.

    Putting that altogether: Florida could likely have 2 to 3 helmets , definitely a base white and base Orange, the blue is iffy.
    3 tops White, Blue, and Orange
    3 bottoms White Blue, and Orange

    I know you put time into this, but Gator Nation would collectively puck on those uniforms you have imaged there.

  5. Bob
    December 21st, 2014 at 12:39 am

    We need to stay with blue and orange!

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