Which Sport Has the Most Balls?

Which Sport Has the Most Balls?

With the NBA Playoffs going on, I’ve noticed a lot of NBA teams feel the need to have a basketball incorporated into their logo, which got me thinking – I wonder how prevalent that is across all sports.

My guess was that baseball, being the oldest and most traditional sport, would have the most logos with the sport’s ball involved. When I think of a sports logo that involves the ball, I think back to the old, hand-drawn logos with a friendly, smiling character playing the sport or leaning on something.

It turns out baseball wasn’t the sport whose teams felt the most need to show what sport they play in their logo:

Two thirds of NBA teams’ logos have a basketball in them. That’s a good bit more than the 33% of MLB teams that have a baseball in theirs and significantly more than the 6% of NFL teams (only TWO teams!) that have a football.

Add in baseball diamonds, bats, and home plate, and still only 50% of baseball teams use those common baseball elements in their logos. Between a football and a helmet, still only 15% of NFL teams show their sport via their logo.

"Hey there, fella! Nice to meetcha!"

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a ball being included in a team’s logo. It’s pretty traditional in sports, and it gives the casual observer an idea of what the organization does at a glace, like any good logo. With such a prevalence, it’s nice to see more clever executions that work the ball into the logo rather than use it for lack of another visual element. Some examples: Tampa Bay BuccaneersMiami HeatAtlanta Hawks (not that these are brilliant logos, just more clever uses of the ball)

As a bonus, here’s some hockey info if you’re interested (it’s not often I’ll post about hockey): 23% of NHL teams have either a puck or a hockey stick in their logo.Here are all 20 basketballs from NBA logos. Can you identify them all?

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  1. Steve Little
    May 10th, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    You are my hero!

  2. AJ
    August 20th, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    It’s a shame the only post in the NHL category is a throwaway mention in another article.

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